Colleton History Project

8th Grade Student Historians Create Website
Posted on 05/24/2021



  Click here to view the Colleton History Project.


We are proud to share this local history project a team of CCMS 8th graders and their teachers, Ms. Catie Hutchison and Mr. Jerry Schexnayder, have worked to put together in the past few weeks.

The Colleton History Project website features a timeline of key events from our county's history, as well as a collection of oral interviews conducted by the students.  Students interviewed long-time residents of Colleton, asking about their childhoods and the changes that they've seen in this area.

From the website,

The Colleton History Project was completed in the spring of 2021 by 8th grade students at Colleton County Middle School. The goal of the project was to study the history of the place in which we live and to explore how the events of the past shape our lives today. This project was completed in Ms. Hutchison's social studies class and Mr. Schexnayder's science classes, by a team of 66 student historians.