Back to School Brochure

CCSD Reopening Plan
Posted on 08/18/2020

The start of school will be delayed until September 8 to prepare our facilities for reopening. CCSD will offer a choice of an all virtual learning model or a “blended” learning model to parents.

Students who will participate in the all virtual learning model will attend their classes remotely five days a week. Virtual learning will be a combination of live instruction delivered by teachers through livestreamed videos and computer-based programming.

Students who participate in the blended/in-person learning model will attend school two days a week, and will be instructed virtually three days a week, using an AA (Monday-Tuesday)/BB (Thursday-Friday) schedule format. Parents will be notified of the days their child/children are to attend in-person.

The district is continuing to explore options for families without reliable internet access, and we will provide a channel for these families to participate in our virtual learning initiatives.

Once it is deemed safe, the district will gradually phase into the traditional five day in-person learning in our schools. The district will use all possible measures to keep our schools clean and safe for students, staff and parents. Once the district decides to return to the traditional five-day format, parents will have the option to continue virtual learning for the entirety of the 2020-2021 school year. Additional information on this virtual learning option will be released at a later date.

Meals will be provided for all eligible students in either model and will be available for pick-up at their school.


Click on the link below to read additional information about CCSD's back to school plan:

Brochure for Start of School


Additional information on school reopening will be released as soon as possible, through multiple information channels.